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Nutmeg from Sri lanka


Sri lankan nutmeg is very popular to sweeten the dishes. It has a sharp flavor of hazelnut. The spice is the kernel of a nut-like seed housed in the fruit of the nutmeg tree. There are two different culinary spices produces by the nutmeg tree: nutmeg (the kernel) and mace (the red sheath that surrounds the seed). Nutmeg has a different flavor. It is sweet, while mace is strong and tart.

Grey-brown seed.

Sri lankan nutmeg has intense sweet flavor and sublime aroma.

Health benefits
Researchers discovered many health benefits of nutmeg. The main medicinally oil is called myristicin. Myrsticin have many plants, but the most abundant is in a nutmeg.

  • Cholesterol: nutmeg may reduce the bad LDL cholesterol.

  • Cancer: nutmeg may kill human leukemia cells.

  • Depression: nutmeg produce significant anti-depressant effects.

  • Memory: nutmeg may improved your memory and learning.

  • Sexual desire: nutmeg is an aphrodisiac, it increase libido.

  • Diarrhea: myrsticin can kill rotaviruses that causes diarrhea.

In the kitchen
Any dish, savory or sweet, can be improved by adding a pinch of fresh nutmeg. In western countries nutmeg grated on mashed potatoes, spinach and bechamel sauce. In the East is used to combine several spice mixes (such as garam masala). Sri lankan nutmeg enriches fried eggs, chocolate mousse and alcoholic drinks. The British mostly used nutmeg to flavor sweet dishes. In Germany it is used to enriched dumplings and puddings.

Food and spices combinations
You can combine Sri lankan nutmeg with other spices such as: coriander, cloves, cocoa, coconut, lemon grass and ginger. It also complete the recipes including avocado, soups, vegetables, biscuits, breads, bananas and potatoes.

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